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Portable Ultrasonic Surgery System for Chronic Wounds: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial and In Vitro Characterization
Background: Debridement is a crucial process in wound care. Low-frequency ultrasound debridement is a relatively painless modality that eliminates necrotic tissue, decreases bacterial counts, and minimizes blood loss. ULSC-12D is a lightweight and compact ultrasound surgery syst...
Skin and Soft Tissue Infections in Plastic Surgery Over 10 Years
Background: Skin and soft tissue infections (SSTIs) are frequently managed by plastic surgeons. Nowadays, antibiotics resistant organisms are increasing due to inappropriate use of antibiotics, and their treatment is becoming more complex. Regional data of microbiology, resistan...
A Clinical Study of Micronized Acellular Dermal Matrix Collagen Paste Application with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
Introduction: Micronized cadaveric acellular dermal matrix (mADM) paste, which functions by filling vertical wound planes with acellular dermal matrix particles and gelatin suspension, is a novel option for the treatment of hard-to-heal wounds. We aimed to evaluate the clinical ...
CASE REPORT 2019 March 31
Sternal Tuberculosis: A Case Report
The sternum is a very rarely involved site in extrapulmonary tuberculosis. Here, we present a case of sternal tuberculosis, and review the literature. An 84-year-old female patient visited Seoul National University Hospital presenting a 2×3 cm chest wound with sternum exposure. ...
CASE REPORT 2019 March 31
A Rare Case of Infectious Costochondritis Following Breast Surgery: Pseudomonal Infection Related Costochondritis
Breast augmentation is among the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedures. Infections that arise after breast implant surgery can range from simple wound infections to periprosthetic infections. The published management algorithms for infection following breast augme...
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    Wound Dressing Materials: The Essentials
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