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ORIGINAL ARTICLE 2019 September 30
Factors Affecting Vascular Clogging, Wound Status and Bacterial Culture in Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Background: We assumed that vascular clogging, wound status, and bacterial culture tests are significant characteristics in developing a treatment plan for diabetic patients with foot ulcers. The goal of our study was to find out the potential factors affecting vascular clogging...
ORIGINAL ARTICLE 2019 September 30
Domestic Dog and Cat Bites: Epidemiology and Analysis of 823 Cases over the Last 5 Years
Background: In response to the increasing incidence of bite injuries along with the growing population of household pets in Korea, this study aims to assess the morbidity of dog and cat bites and to identify factors that influence the duration of treatment and the need for surgi...
ORIGINAL ARTICLE 2019 September 30
Efficacy of the Mobile Three-Dimensional Wound Measurement System in Pressure Ulcer Assessment
Background: Clinically assessing the changing status of wounds is important in determining management of pressure ulcers. A mobile three-dimensional measurement system (3DWMS) with a laser-assisted sensor camera was recently introduced in several pilot studies. In this study, we...
ORIGINAL ARTICLE 2019 September 30
Hydrogel and Finger Caps: A Novel Dressing Method for Composite Grafts of Fingertips
Background: Composite grafting is a useful reconstruction method for amputated fingertips when the size of the defect is small and vessels for anastomosis are not available. However, the survival rate of a composite graft is highly variable and difficult to anticipate. The most ...
ORIGINAL ARTICLE 2019 September 30
Usefulness of Swim Tubes to Maintain the Postoperative Supine Position of Sacrococcygeal Sores
Background: Patients with impaired mobility or quadriplegia often suffer from pressure sores in the dorsal trunk region. Following flap surgery for stage 3 and 4 sacrococcygeal sores, patients are placed in a prone position to avoid direct pressure on the surgical site. This cau...
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